Further help to quiet the noise

Often in our lives, God’s voice becomes drowned out by the noise of fear, frustration, or despair in our souls. One of the first steps to “turning off the noise” is filling our minds with Scripture and scriptural teaching. In order to help, we’ve made resources available free of charge.

I’m not sure what to do…

Visit our QuickStart section for immediate help with eating disorders, panic attacks, depression, obsessive-compulsive behavior, etc.


Leader’s Guide for Quieting a Noisy Soul

Download the seminar outlines as a booklet PDF or as a single sheet PDF.


Sermons preached to the students at BJU (MP3 format).

How to Quiet a Noisy Soul  (9.1MB)

Refocusing our hearts on God

Rejoicing in the Cross  (9.5MB)

The centrality of the Cross in the Christian life

God’s Secret of Satisfaction  (10.2MB)

Lessons on the meaning of life from Ecclesiastes

Getting Grace from God  (7.7MB)

“The most important lesson God ever taught me.” –Jim Berg


About the Quieting a Noisy Soul Audio Package  (9MB)

About God is More Than Enough  (5MB)

About the Quieting a Noisy Soul DVD Package  (9MB)

About Taking Time to Quiet Your Soul  (7MB)