Real encouragement from people like you

Quieting a Noisy Soul has allowed me to step back and survey/track my thought patterns and my choices. It’s as if I were on an airplane, looking down with an aerial view of what is really going on in my mind and heart. Step by step I’ve begun to realize my foolishness and the roots of my thinking. It is an excellent study because you have to write down your thoughts and align them with God’s truth so that the picture of your struggle becomes clearer. It points you to the solution found in God. Hearing powerful stories of others who conquered worry greatly boosted my hope. This study gave me hope that God is powerful and loving enough to change my wrong patterns of thinking and living.

“One of my favorite parts was that I could go at my own pace. Really taking time to quiet my soul was refreshing. Space to write down my thought patterns and ‘I wish...’ and ‘If only...’ thinking was one of the greatest benefits.”



“Words cannot express my gratitude for Quieting a Noisy Soul. This has been a turning point in my daughter’s life—praise God. Eleven years ago I gave in to despair as I watched my precious daughter develop the full-blown symptoms of OCD. In God’s good time He brought her to a place of true healing—drug free. I always believed deep down in my heart that the simple Bible answer was the path of healing, but it took Quieting a Noisy Soul to open her understanding and show her how to live out God’s truth. Surely there will be bumps in the road ahead, but now we have the antidote.”



“Although I have been working through this material even before it’s release, God has used it time and again. Growing in Christ hasn’t meant that I don’t still struggle in different areas of my life. In fact, some of the problems that have surfaced has been revealed through the material and God speaking to my heart. When I have been burdened and tempted to despair and even unable to think straight, I have been able to listen to the messages and God has broke my heart and shown me Himself time and again. It’s not that it’s a program that is ‘fixing me’. It is helping me to grow because a loving God is intimately involved in my life and is using the material to change me and is enabling me to help others.

“Thank you, Dr. Berg for this material to help others like me. May God use it for years to come and give people hope that thought there was none.”



"I received a set of tapes and the syllabus from your series Quieting a Noisy Soul. After listening to the lessons I was convinced that this material would be perfect for use at our Family Camp in Uruguay, South America. The Lord greatly used these lessons to work in the lives of these Uruguayan Christians. Thanks so much!"

–Ken Jensen, Director, EMU International


THANK YOU! The truths you’ve shared from the Bible have made God, the Lord Jesus Christ and walking in the Spirit, so ‘real’… so accessible. You have made reading and studying God’s Word exciting and something to look forward to.


Also available two extended testimonies PDF download from Appendix B of God Is More than Enough