Quieting a Noisy Soul sessions

Download the seminar outlines as a booklet PDF or as a single sheet PDF.

  1. Noticing the Noise in Your Soul

    Helps you recognize the major source of noise in your soul and the physical and emotional effects (panic attacks, anxiety, compulsive behavior, depression, sleep loss, etc.) that accompany that noise. Outlines the two primary dangers that result and gives a brief overview of God’s cure for a noisy soul.

  2. Unmasking the Source of Your Noise

    Defines truth and unbelief and shows how unbelief begins the process of disintegration. Also discusses the knowledge of God as essential to a person’s stability.

  3. Understanding the Solution

    Helps you trace how your mind reacts to life’s pressures and explains how wrongly-handled pressures result in negative effects in your body. Demonstrates the importance of the “renewed mind.”

  4. Tracking “The Way Down,” Part 1

    Through “The Way Down” chart, this lesson begins the intensive tracking of where your thoughts lead, what areas are affected by unbelief, and how discontent arises.

  5. Tracking “The Way Down,” Part 2

    Continues tracking the way down through an overview of the thoughts that give rise to anger, anxiety, and despair. Teaches you how to “track your thinking, not your feelings.”

  6. Finding That God Is More Than Enough

    Examines contentment and its importance to a quiet soul. Begins the explanation of God’s character and its centrality in contentment.

  7. Beholding the God of Love

    Helps you see the grand sufficiency of God’s love and teaches how to know the love of God toward you.

  8. Beholding the God of Mercy

    Defines the most basic component of mercy and celebrates God’s merciful disposition toward His people. Illustrates how God mercifully uses our suffering to accomplish a much greater deliverance than deliverance from our pain.

  9. Beholding the God of Faithfulness

    Shows God’s faithfulness as a key stabilizing factor in a person’s life. Helps identify several key indicators that a person has an insufficient view of God's faithfulness.

  10. Beholding the God of Power

    Helps you recognize God’s absolute control in creation, providence, and government. Examines several Bible characters whose lives were stabilized by knowledge of God’s sovereignty.

  11. Beholding the God of Wisdom

    Exalts God’s wisdom as infallible and intuitive to His nature. Teaches you to rest in the knowledge of Who is behind decisions even if you don’t know the why of what happened.

  12. Identifying Your Loudest Noisemaker

    Traces the effects of repeated sin on the conscience. Shows how repeated obedience to God’s Word brings increased fine-tuning to the conscience.

  13. Clearing Your Conscience with God

    Shows why repentance is so necessary to a quiet soul, and why failure to confess sin is an evidence of unbelief. Rejoices in the beauty of God’s plan for forgiveness from our sin.

  14. Dealing with Your Side of the Wedge

    Teaches how to genuinely ask for forgiveness and demonstrates why God can still allow corrective measures even after forgiveness has been granted.

  15. Dealing with the Other Side of the Wedge

    Teaches how to prepare yourself for approaching someone who has wronged you. Deals with how to lovingly and scripturally attempt reconciliation.

  16. Qualifying for Divine Help

    Defines grace, its importance in everything the Christian does, and how we obtain grace from God. Also gives three indicators that a person is failing the grace of God.

  17. Overcoming Your Anxiety & Fear, Part 1

    Demonstrates how our body can affect how we feel and what that means for someone trying to have a renewed mind. Explains the reciprocal relationship between the body and the heart and what gives rise to panic attacks.

  18. Overcoming Your Anxiety & Fear, Part 2

    Explains how anxious thoughts naturally degenerate into obsessive thinking and from there to obsessive compulsive behavior. Shows how “bizarre” thoughts arise from our heart’s “junk thoughts.”

  19. Overcoming Your Anxiety & Fear, Part 3

    Examines prayer as the Christian’s reality check and surrender check. Teaches the process of replacing “enemy thoughts” with truth. Shows how you can control your fear and anxiety even when you don’t feel like you can.

  20. Overcoming Your Anger & Bitterness

    Helps you identify the common causes and distortions of anger as well as recognize the unbelief that lies at the root of anger.

  21. Overcoming Your Despair & Discouragement, Part 1

    Distinguishes sorrow from despair and shows how a biblical understanding of hope is the missing ingredient in a depressed, despairing person. Also deals with how physical symptoms can complicate despair.

  22. Overcoming Your Despair & Discouragement, Part 2

    Traces the connection between unchecked thoughts to overwhelming feelings and from unchecked thoughts of loss to despair and depression.

  23. Overcoming Your Lust & Sinful Habits

    Helps distinguish between the desires of the mind and desires of the body. Deals with the selfishness at the core of any sinful habit, whether sexual problems (affairs, pornography, lust) or problems with overeating, substance abuse, etc.

  24. Keeping Your Soul Quiet

    Explains the importance of structure in the Christian’s life as well as the absolute necessity of a thriving walk with Jesus Christ. Underscores the truth that “godliness is intentional, not accidental.”

As you are going through the weekly program, you can increase your learning by downloading some of the resources available on the further help page.